Online shop of gas equipment GAZZONE

The online shop of gas equipment GAZZONE appeared on the Internet in 2017. However, the company has been leading its history since 2004. Ambitious guys started with retail sales of auto parts in Kharkov. 2012 was marked for the company with the opening of a new direction – the selling of gas equipment. By 2014, when the wave of crisis "swept over" Ukraine, the company focused its efforts on sales of gas equipment in Kharkov. The team has built its work on establishing long-term partnership relations with manufacturers of gas equipment. For this purpose, GAZZONE technical specialists personally visited European gas equipment manufacturing plants in Turkey, Italy and Poland. The top priorities in the work of GAZZONE team have become professional advice, a clear selection according to the individual vehicle characteristics and full compliance with the current quality standards.
As a result of the ever-growing demand, the assortment expansion and geographical coverage in Ukraine was the launch of the gas Internet project GAZZONE. Today, GAZZONE is a team of like-minded people who love their work and make every effort to assist the consumer in buying gas equipment.

Gas equipment from GAZZONE – this is a profitable investment in freedom of movement!