Spare parts for "folk" cars

Thanks to the initiative and committed employees, the new promising direction was transformed into a developed and prosperous one. In 2014 an online store of spare parts for "folk" cars was opened and in 2015 a corporate web-shop with an automated order processing system appeared. 

Our company is successful because of:

Competent specialization. Cars made in Korea, Japan and France are popular in Ukraine, so spare parts for them are in steady demand. Our catalogue includes auto parts for Renault, Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo, Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda and Mazda for both: modern and discontinued models. 

Product quality. Increased requirements to the quality of foreign cars, as well as to suitable spare parts for foreign cars. Our experience shows that only strict selection of suppliers can guarantee product reliability. That's why since 2013 we signed contracts with leading manufacturers - Rotinger, Febest, Kamoka, Mar-Mot, Caffaro, Gates, Sakura.

Professionalism. The qualification level of our employees helps to solve complex and non-standard tasks, to provide short order processing time, to comply with agreements and to meet increased customer requirements.

Compliance with the principles. In its work company Auto Trend continuously develops a business, constructively conducts a dialogue, values the time of its partners. 

Contact Auto Trend and the wholesale order of spare parts for "folk" cars will be simple and comfortable, and the business will be profitable!

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