Car oils and chemicals

The company Auto Trend delivers a wide range of car oils and chemicals wholesale. You can buy car oil and transmission lubricants from us: synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral. In addition to these products, we offer brake and hydraulic boosters fluids from manufacturers such as HEPU, K-2, Shell, MOBIS, ELF. The range of car oils is supplemented with original car oils. Original lubricants are the key to the operation of the vehicle system. That original oils are tailored to the specific vehicle and do not require additional selection. In the company Auto Trend you can always buy car oils wholesale for such brands of cars as Ford, MAZDA, NISSAN, MITSUBISHI, TOYOTA, WAG, Mercedes-Benz, Subaru.

In addition, we offer our partners winter and summer washer fluids, glass and lock defrosters, polishes, fuel and oil additives. The company Auto Trend is a sales representative of such brands of car oils and chemicals as Ocean, Agrinol, Helpix. 

We build professional relationships with partners based on the positions of business ethics and responsibility, therefore:

you will not face inflated prices;

we will fulfill all the agreements;

you will collaborate with a team of professionals;

effectively supplement the main order with related products.

Strive in your business to maximize the winning result - our efforts should be united.

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