Spare parts for the CIS cars

The leading activity of the company is the wholesale trade of spare parts for cars produced in the CIS. For the reliable operation of this department, a development strategy has been created, implemented and constantly improving, investments are made in the development of a competent resource of employees, progressive sales methods for auto parts for VAZ, GAZ, ZAZ, Lanos are being implemented and the level of service to partners is constantly increasing. In turn, this provides the company with leadership and financial stability to its partners. 

Cooperation with Auto Trend is:

Huge assortment. The company supplies auto parts wholesale of VAZ, GAZ, ZAZ, Lanos and dozens of manufacturers in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, South Korea and Europe. This technique helps our partners to achieve their goals with the greatest efficiency. 

Confidence in quality. Over 15 years of existence, we have concluded over 100 contracts of official or exclusive representation, which guarantee the originality of the products supplied by us.

Reliability of cooperation. Direct contracts with auto components manufacturers, a unified logistics system and shipment of orders from a class A warehouse complex ensure our partners timely and prompt delivery of products. 

Customer focus.  The credo of our company is to solve controversial issues in favour of partners.

Deliveries from the manufacturer. They allow minimizing the markup and also guarantee that the manufacturer receives feedback about the produced product from the final customer.

Become an Auto Trend partner and raise your business to a higher level!

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