Online store Erazborka

Initially, the online store Erazborka was created as a platform for the sale of used spare parts for Nissan Leaf. In 2017 (the year of the online shop opening), it was the most popular “green” car in our country and at that time the website hit “the bull's eye”. However, the electric cars market does not stand still, it increasing due to the growth of the model range, as well as the assortment of the Erazborka web portal was increasing.
Now on the site, in addition to spare parts from disassembling of Nissan Leaf, you can find new spare parts for popular electric cars in Ukraine - BMW I3, FIAT 500E, as well as both generations of Nissan Leaf (ZE0 and ZE1). New spare parts for electric cars are mainly car body parts (bumper, bonnets, fenders, optics, decoration), interior parts, as well as chassis elements. Thus, the store offers the popular parts that are necessary for the restoration and certification of electric cars imported from the USA and their subsequent operation in Ukraine.
More serious items, such as a battery or a motor unit with an inverter, so far are offered only for the Nissan Leaf ZE0. That, however, is not surprising - this electric car continues to remain the absolute leader of the “green” autofleet in Ukraine, thanks to the relatively low price and maintainability. However, if necessary, managers of the online store will be able to find and bring such spare parts for other electric cars.
The popularity of electric cars in Ukraine continues to grow, especially consider extension of tax break for the import of "green" transport. And people who decide to switch from gasoline to electric thrust should not worry about problems with spare parts and maintenance!

With the first, Erazborka online store will definitely help out!