Online store Remont-koles

The online store for the sale of materials and equipment for tire repair Remont-koles dates back to 2016. During this time, our team has gained tremendous practical experience, has passed professional training and opted for the products of European leaders in the repair of tires and inner tubes, such as ROSSVIK, UNICORD, MARUNI, REMA TIP-TOP, TECH, EUROCORD, etc.
High-quality equipment for tire repair is the key to achieving the desired result. The tire fitting equipment offered on the Remont-koles website is designed for the repair of both - car and truck tires and can easily be used either in a ordinary garage or in a large car service stations. Remont-koles provides official warranty and after-sales service for all tire fitting machines. Depending on the needs and purpose of the purchase, competent consultants are ready to offer the necessary minimum of consumables for both - an auto repair shop and a regular motorist or bicyclist. On the website Remont-koles you can always buy professional materials for tire repairing for any price segment.

Remont-koles - uncompromising solution for tire repairing!